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JP2 - Catharsis I: Abreaction(2024)
JP2 - If You Could Only See(2023)
the.divine.paradox.?Guest Vocals on "Why?", "Lost (A Cry In The Dark)" & "The Great Beyond"(2023)
Gas Station Pizza - Outside Of The Box (2022)
Bringer Of LightGuitar Solo on "What Does The Fox Say?"(2022)
The Divine Paradox? Guest Vocals on "WHY?"(2021)
Nordic Hamster (Self-Titled)Guitar Solo on "Keeper Of Light"(2021)
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JP2 - Without Words (2021)
SPAWNDIE - First Mission (2021)
JP2 - Wasting Time (2020)
JP2 - H O P E (2020)
JP2 - Walk Alone (2019)
Runnin Blind - C.O.J.I.E (2018)
Runnin Blind - The Carpet Room (Remastered /2018)
Runnin Blind - The Carpet Room (2003)
Alphæus - ApoptosisGuitar Solo on "The Virulent" (2017)
Templar - UCF Chant Redux Remix (2008) / One Heartbeat (2019)