PRESS: Listen to "Walk Alone" on KAOS FM 87.8 (New Zealand)

Listen to "Walk Alone" on New Zealand's KAOS FM 87.8 as part of Sonic Sounds on Indie Mania, hosted by DJ Suzy.  The original show will air this Sunday at 7:00pm (NZ).  Check out the schedule below for listed times and countries:

7pm Sunday (NZ)
5pm Sunday AU (QLD) - Replay @ 1am Monday
8am Sunday UK - Replay @ 4pm Sunday
3am Sunday est USA - Replay @ 11am Sunday
(note the replay times for those outside NZ time zones)

Established in 2017, KAOS FM 87.8 has been playing the biggest international rock hits as well as the best new independent rock music available.  You can listen to KAOS FM 87.8, radio that rocks, online on the station's official website by clicking the image below.