Announcement: JP2 Endorsed By Kononykheen Guitars

I'm very happy to announce that I have joined the Kononykheen Guitars artist roster.  Hailing out of Vladivostok, RU, each Kononykheen model goes into production in limited series and is only available for a short period of time.  Once a model goes out of production it is never built again, preserving the instrument's rarity.  Every guitar built is a limited edition!

This model is a Kononykheen Breed Nineteen.  A seamless mixture of classic and contemporary, the guitar features a telecaster style mahogany body matched with a hard maple 7 string neck.  The Breed Nineteen features a matte black finish with matching headstock, white binding throughout and Kononykheen design pickups, electronics and hardware.  This axe can handle anything you throw at it, from clean jazz tones to grinding metal riffs.  For all the specs, check out the Kononykheen website.

Listen to the Breen Nineteen in my upcoming single due this fall.